What is MIS joint replacement surgery?
MIS is an abbreviation for Minimally Invasive Surgery. This procedure enables the surgeon to perform the surgery with a minimum damage of the skin incision, the muscles, and the ligaments. MIS is the most beneficial procedure in the hip surgery in our institution.

Conventionally, the hip surgery requires 15 to 20 cm of the skin scar after the surgery, which means the scar will not be covered with a bathing suite on. Because hip diseases generally occur to women more than to men, the scar size is important.

Our institution, teaming with American and European orthopedic surgeons, now offers the hip surgery with a very small skin scar. Although the size of the skin scar varies based on the patientユs physique, age, and the degree of hip deformity, what is required in this procedure is only 6 to 8 cm of the skin scar at the outside of the patientユs groin. The result of the surgery is the same as that of the conventional hip surgery. We call it メmini-one incisionモ and this mini-one incision can minimize the damage of the peripheral muscles and ligaments of the hip joint. This damage reduction improves the walking ability and the recovery to daily activities after the surgery.

Before MIS, the patient is released after 1 month-stay at shortest. For some patients, they need to stay at hospital up to 3 months. Those who had to go to work or take care of their children tended to hesitate to receive the surgery. With MIS, it is possible for the patient to be released within 1 week after the surgery if the patient is in good health condition and is either in his 40ユs or 50ユs (please be aware that use of a cane is still required). For the patient in his 60ユs, 70ユs or 80ユs, it is possible to leave the hospital in one or two months with use of a cane. Climbing stairs up and down is also permitted. Even if the patient has rheumatoid arthritis, the shorter stay is not impossible under proper conditions. Eventually, we believe that a day-surgery will be available; actually, it already is available in the United States.
Please be aware that MIS is not available at every hospital in Japan. The surgical technique is unique and requires some training for the good result. Actually, the planning sheet and the pre-operative manuals are prepared before the surgery. MIS is not a surgery for any orthopedic surgeon or for any patient. It is strongly recommended that the patient should visit a MIS specialist and confirm if this procedure is suitable for the damaged hip. It is your hip to be treated and you have the right to decide how it should be treated. It is all up to you.

MIS can be utilized for the primary surgery (the first surgery) only. We do not believe that MIS is the best choice for the revision surgery (the surgery for the second time or more). It is better for us to wait for further improvement of the technology.

In our institution, we constantly keep up with the latest technique in the world. We are happy to explain how this procedure works to any patient who wishes to receive the surgery for pain-free life with a minimum length of the hospital stay.
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